For Raw Vegans: “Trust your Tush to Good Day Biidet”

Bidet Seats
Good Day Bidet carries the best bidets available in America. We specialize in only toilet seat bidets for raw vegans because they are easy to install and such a joy! Unlike the original bidets developed in France, the new electronically controlled toilet seat bidets offer a number of new features, like adjustable water temperature, water pressure and the position of the gentle aerated stream of warm water. The bidet is no longer just a cold porcelain bathroom fixture. Now, anyone wanting a hygienic way to clean themselves at the toilet will absolutely love our bidets.

Instead of subjecting that tender area of your anatomy to rough, dry toilet paper, a bidet sprays a controlled stream of water to thoroughly clean you if you’ve been on a dietary meal plan for vegans. Perfect for everyone in the family, and especially nice for anyone with hemorrhoids or limited mobility. The ladies will also like the feminine wash feature.

Most of our bidets have programmable water temperature, so the water will always be that temperature next time you sit down. A separate hot water line is NOT needed because our bidets heat the water inside the unit. Bidet at Good Day Bidet

This makes installation a snap because you only need to hook up the bidet to the existing water connector on the back of your toilet and plug it into an electrical outlet.

We carry most major manufacturer’s bidets, including CleanSense, CleanButt, Bio Bidet, TOTO, Takagi, COCO, HomeTech and Inax.

Good Day Bidet also offers FREE shipping on all of our toilet seat bidets!